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Swallowtail hawk, by Graham - this is in progress; there’s more shading to come…

If you haven’t checked out Emily’s work, you should take a minute and do so - incredibly gifted and versatile artist!

Tattoo career and comics career cross over for the first time when I tattoo a character from my own graphic novel Good Dog, onto my buddy Mark…

You can see more of my comics stuff here:

and, as usual, you can check out more of the tattoo stuff here:

This is a cover-up of a large color tattoo of the goddess Diana - with a larger version of the goddess Diana.  I will probably refine the color and shading a bit when it has healed up, but we are essentially there :)

The customer brought in this sketch of a duck and got tattooed on her arm, just as it was - not every tattoo has to be tightly-rendered :)

She already had the bird - we spent an hour or so figuring out how best to frame it and eventually came up with this - totally fun to design and totally nail-biting to execute.

Hope she comes back so I can see how it looks healed :)

Tricky small black and white design from an old bike logo…